Practice in Public Makes Perfect: how playing for your fans makes you better

Price, 57, has played music nearly her whole life, starting with piano when she was five years old. But in the fall of 2009, the guitar was still something of mystery to her. She had been playing for only a couple of months and was struggling a bit with the new challenges. Yet, instead of holing up in her living room to practice until she felt more confident, she did […]

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Marc Coyne

Marc started learning to DJ when he was 15. For a few years, it was all about happy hardcore, UK hardcore and freeform. It wasn’t until 2005 he went to his first hard house event, practised mixing that and has loved it ever since. Marc has 3 tracks released which were produced with Matt Wade and Pez. Two of them (Rush Me & Exhalation) are signed to Hotbox Digital with the 3rd (Switch the Flip) on Drop Bear Digital. He has been a part of Global Hard House for approximately 3 years. When he first joined he was part of the digital elements team and they wanted to use the platform to stream their shows. A few months later I was part of the Global Hard House Team and haven’t looked back 😃 He has played for various events such as Ravey Dayz at 414 Brixton. Matt Rush and T’s Birthday Bash. Top-Notch at The Tunnel Club Birmingham, and Nokturnal at Poco Loco in Chatham


Bryn Whiting

Bryn started djing in 2009 after doing a few productional remixes which he sent out and after hearing his tracks being played out at festivals he got the bug and wanted to do the same. He got his first big gig only a few months later by playing at super club Slinky at the Opera house Bournemouth after this life changing moment he was booked again and again then was offered a job with the Brand as Promotional Manager he then went on to lead many sold out events at the Opera House with the brand but the sudden loss of his father he left the brand and took some time out from the scene. 1 year later he started producing and Djing Trance music having many tracks played by big names such as Armin Van Burren, PVD, Sean Tyas, he listened and learnt of a new way to edit music so it just flows with no breakdowns and it’s a constant powerful sound which he calls Relentless. but his love for event management was never fulfilled and after many years of waiting he was finally asked to work for the original Brand he loved from being a clubber Tidy Trax which he is now one of the Event Managers and Artist Liaison And soon to be Tidy Artists with Many tracks lined up for this Legendary Label His Debut track out on Tidy Two on day 1 went Straight into the Beatport Top 100 Trance releases at no5 but 2 days later it was number 1 for 8 days!!!! 2021 is looking like a great year for Bryn he has mountains of new music ready for release and is constantly in the studio learning and getting better.